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Our products are made of 100% natural materials. Therefore, our pieces could manifest small amount of flaws which naturally comes with sustainability. We always minimize these flaws with utmost focus and care.

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Octagonal Serving Basket

Wooden picnic tray made of solid marine wood with Abaca fiber woven base. This sturdy basket tray is best use as centerpiece for the living room or coffee tray at...
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Octagonal Leg Counter Stool

Boho meets contemporary, featuring the Octagonal Leg Counter Stool. Best designed in threes.  25.5" H x 16.5" W x 16.5" L Premium Abaca fiber and solid fine wood  Made to order...
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Round Side Table with woven top

Simplicity is key with the Round Side Table woven in premium Abaca Fiber.  20.8" H x 15.7" W x 15.7" L Premium Abaca fiber and solid fine wood  Made to...
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Contemporary Wooden Stool

Modernity and sustainability in one, featuring the Contemporary Wooden Stool made with premium Abaca Fiber. 17.7" H x 11.8" W x 24.4" L Premium Abaca fiber and solid fine wood ...
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Asymmetrical Rattan End Table

Organize and design your space with a modern yet sustainable 2-tier end table woven in Solihiya design.Our Asymmetrical Rattan End Table is made of palm fiber from Palawan. Modern-contemporary design...
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Double-edged Rattan Coffee Table

Design your living area with a tropic yet sophisticated look with our Double-edged Rattan Coffee Table.  Our Rattan coffee table is made of palm fiber from Palawan, exuding warm tones of honey...
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Scarlett Table Runner

Made of high-quality Abaca fiber and cotton mix, this fiery table runner is a statement piece that’s sure to catch everyone’s attention at the dinner table.  Our Scarlet Table Runner...
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Rattan Tree Collar

Prepare your home for the holidays with this eco-friendly 100% Rattan tree collar. With its neutral tone, you can add a warm accent to your Christmas tree decor.  Our Rattan tree...
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₱6,500.00 ₱4,875.00

3-tier Minimalist Rattan Shelf

Looking for a unique storage space for commonly-used items like keys, masks, and hand sanitizers? This 3-tier Minimalist Rattan Shelf is for you. Made of 100% Rattan, this lightweight and...
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Rattan Wine Rack

Impress your dinner guests and showcase a part of your wine collection with our unique, 100% Rattan Wine Rack.  This piece is made to order from locally-sourced Rattan by expert...
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₱8,000.00 ₱7,200.00

Oval Braided Area Rug

Brighten up your space with our gorgeous Oval Braided Area Rug. Our oval area rug comes in two color variants, natural brown and two-tone. This rug is crafted by highly...

Mimosa Serving Board

Whether you’re serving your brunch guests or plating up your favorite pastries, our Mimosa Serving Board can help brighten up any occasion.  Our Mimosa Serving Board is available in round...

Chesa Braided Placemat

Looking for a unique piece to brighten up your dinner table? Our Chesa Braided Place Mat may be the perfect addition to your collection. Our Chesa Braided Place Mat is...

Hollow Braided Placemat

Our Hollow Braided Place Mat is a mesmerizing piece that’s sure to be a focal point of your table setting.  Made from 100% locally sourced, sustainable Abaca fiber, this place...

Sambal Braided Placemat

Adorned with a beautiful sunburst pattern, our Sambal Braided Place Mat can light up your tablescape. Our Sambal Braided Place Mat is made from locally-sourced and sustainable 100% Abaca Fiber...
₱5,150.00 ₱4,120.00

Rattan Kitchen Stool in charcoal

Add a daring accent furniture piece to your home with our Rattan Kitchen Stool in Charcoal. Made from 100% Rattan, our kitchen stool is sustainable and eco-friendly. Like our other...
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