Our products are made of 100% natural materials. Therefore, our pieces could manifest small amount of flaws which naturally comes with sustainability. We always minimize these flaws with utmost focus and care.

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Acacia Coasters

Looking for a set of durable coasters? Keep your countertops clean and shiny with our Acacia Coasters. Our Acacia Coasters are made of 100% sustainably sourced Acacia wood and handcrafted...

Thorntree Rectangular Serving Plate

Add an interesting piece to your table setting with our Thorntree Rectangular Serving Plate. Our Thorntree Rectangular Serving Plate features a curved, geometric design. It’s made from premium Acacia hardwood...

Acacia Round Calabache

Looking for the perfect serving bowl for sweets and appetizers? Why not try our Acacia Round Calabache? Our Acacia Round Calabache is made of 100% sustainably sourced Acacia hardwood. It’s...
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₱105.00 ₱94.50

Mimosa Flatware (Small - Large)

If you’re looking for elegant and sustainable flatware, our Mimosa Flatware is perfect for you. Made of premium Acacia hardwood and handcrafted by our expert artisans, our Mimosa plates are...
₱280.00 ₱252.00

Acacia Square Plate Large

Add a unique and personalized touch to your table spread with our Acacia Square Plate Large. Made of 100% sustainably sourced Acacia wood, our Acacia Square Plate large is handmade...
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Thorntree Cutting Board (Small - Large)

Practical and versatile–that’s our Thorntree Cutting Board. Whether you’re cutting up vegetables for your salad or serving a charcuterie spread, this cutting board is the perfect addition to your kitchen....
₱185.00 ₱166.50

Acacia Square Plate Medium

Geometric flatware pieces can always brighten up your table setting. If you’re looking for an interesting geometric piece, our Acacia Square Plate Medium may be the perfect addition to your...
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Acacia Salad Tossers

Complete your Acacia tableware set with our hand-made Acacia Salad Tossers. This set is made of ethically sourced Acacia wood and can be used to toss salads, serve hot and...
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Acacia Small Round Plate

Let your cakes, pastries, and other deserts stand out with our Acacia Small Round Plate. Our Acacia Small Round Plate is made of durable, sustainably sourced Acacia hardwood and crafted...
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Mimosa Bowl 8" - 12"

Nothing beats functional and versatile tableware. If you’re in the market for tableware staples, our Mimosa Bowls might be what you’re looking for. Made of sustainably-sourced durable Acacia hardwood, our...

2-part Acacia Appetizer Plate

Delight your guests when you serve your appetizers with our 2-Part Acacia Appetizer plate. Made from sustainably sourced, durable Acacia hardwood, our 2-Part Acacia Appetizer Plate is handcrafted by our...
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Thorntree Single Bowl 8"

If you want a gorgeous, hand-made wooden bowl to add to your collection, our Thorntree Single Bowl might just be the piece you’re looking for. Made of 100% sustainably sourced...
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Acacia Square Plate Small

Complete your wooden tableware set with our Acacia Square Plate Small. Like our other wooden tableware products, this plate is made of sustainably sourced materials and crafted by expert craftspeople....
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Mimosa Bowls Set of 3

A beautiful set of bowls, like our Mimosa Bowls Set of 3, can brighten up your dining experience. Our Mimosa Bowls are made of 100% sustainably sourced Acacia hardwood and...
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Acacia Round Compartment Plate

Serve up a variety of snacks, appetizers, or pastries with our Acacia Round Compartment Plate. Our Acacia Round Compartment Plate is a divided plate made of durable Acacia hardwood by...
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Acacia Soup Bowl

Delicious home-cooked soups and stews should be served in our beautiful Acacia Soup Bowl. Our soup bowl is made from sustainably sourced Acacia wood by expert craftspeople. Not only can...
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